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Last update 15/02/2024

February 29th 2024: Celebrating the 10th Helpathon!

JOIN HELPATHON # 10: Animal-free innovation education. Festive 10th edition!

Can you help Jolanda and Elza in designing and implementing an excellent educational program for PhD students on animal-free transitions? Jolanda van der Velden, Chair of Physiology, and Elza van Deel, Educator, both at the Amsterdam Medical Center, are very motivated to support PhD students in preparing for the animal-free transition. They are both looking for an implementation strategy and course design.

Currently, PhD students lack access to such education, resulting in a lack of awareness about their options and a limited network to help them navigate the challenges of implementation. We are reaching out to PhD life science students (biomedical, oncology, immunology, physiology). What type of education on animal-free innovation would you find beneficial?

We are also seeking input from experts, policymakers, regulators, and suppliers. What kind of education could you offer? Additionally, we are interested in hearing from individuals with experience in encouraging universities to provide such education.

The outcomes of this 10th Helpathon will contribute to the development of the Global Education Hub! We warmly invite you to participate in this special 10th Helpathon edition on February 29th and March 1st, where we will combine substantive discussions with a festive networking lunch and a celebratory webinar.

Did you know that over 250 people have participated in Helpathons since 2017? Reflecting on the past, we can clearly see how Helpathons serve as transformative learning experiences. In the celebratory webinar, we delve into excerpts from podcasts where 10 Helpathon veterans and researchers share their reflections on the Helpathon experience and the dynamic reality of animal-free innovation. Upon registration, you will receive a hard copy of the retrospective of the 10 Helpathons, as experienced by Pepik Henneman.

Sign up options (all times are CET)

Join the Core Helpathon Team Helpathon # 10 (in-person)
Thursday 29th of February: 12h00 - 21h00 and
Friday 1st of March: 09h00-14h00
(incl. networking lunch and celebration webinar)
Venue: O|2 Building VU, Amsterdam

Join the Hybride Helpathon Team Helpathon # 10 (online)
Thursday 29th of February: 13h00 - 18h00 and
(incl. celebration webinar)
Friday 1st of March: 09h00-12h00

Join the networking lunch and celebration webinar (in-person)
Thursday 29th of February: 12h00 - 14h30
Venue: O|2 Building VU, Amsterdam

Join the celebration webinar (online)
Thursday 29th of February 13h15 - 14h30

Join the subsequent working group global animal-free education HUB (online/in person)
Friday 1st of March 13h30 - 17h30

There is NO fee involved associated with any of the participation options. Only an investment in time, knowledge and commitment. After registration, we naturally count on your participation. This Helpathon is sponsored by the Dutch TPI program.

For whom?
This Helpathon is for everyone with an interest in animal-free education and education about animal-free research. You can have a background in e.g. medicine or veterinary medicine, life sciences, toxicology or pharmacy. You can be a student, young scientist, established scientist, teacher, trainer, educational curriculum developer, etc. You can be affiliated with academia, industry, regulatory bodies, NGOs, etc. or just keen to help the team of Daniela Salvatori and Janneke Hogervorst.

Interested in contributing?
Please register here

Sharing this information with your network?
Yes. Please do so! It is also very helpful if you could distribute this information - if applicable - within your professional network!

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